Chosen Name

Chosen Name Now Printing on UConn ID

All UConn ID cards (Husky One Cards) are now being issued with a chosen name on the front of the card. You can view and update this name on the ITS Display Name tool:


  • All new ID’s automatically have the display name on the front of the card. If you have not chosen a display name that differs from your legal name, then the chosen name on the front of the ID will default to your legal name.
  • Allow 24 hours after you have changed your chosen name to obtain your Husky One Card.
  • Cardholders are allowed one reprint of their UConn ID for a chosen name change. Their old card must be presented for exchange and the new name must be in the One Card system. The standard $30 fee will be applied for any additional reprints after the initial free reprint.
  • All changes to the chosen name must be done through the ITS display name tool (the One Card Office cannot make this change for you). The chosen name will not be updated in the One Card system until the following day.
  • For more information about display names, such as other systems it will appear in or how to change it, please visit: How to change the display name in UConn directories