Husky Bucks FAQ

What are Husky Bucks?

Husky Bucks is a debit account-like program already set up on your Husky One Card (UConn ID). It is used to make purchases at various locations on and off campus. Note: Printing and copying services at HuskyPrint locations only take Husky Bucks. There are no coin machines.

For a complete listing of places that accept Husky Bucks, visit our Husky Bucks Locations page. You can make a Husky Bucks deposit, by visiting our Deposits page.

Are points the same as Husky Bucks?

Points are NOT the same as Husky Bucks! There are two resident meal plans that come with a set number of meal plan points each semester. Points can only be spent at UConn Dining Services-operated food locations. That means you cannot use points to buy food at Dunkin Donuts and Subway in the Student Union because these restaurants are not run by Dining Services. Residential Meal Plan Points that are not used at the close of each semester expire. Husky Bucks is like a debit account. Once you deposit money into your Husky Bucks account, it remains on your account until you spend the funds or separate from the University. Husky Bucks are widely accepted as a form of payment on campus and off-campus, too! To see all the campus departments and local merchants that participate in the Husky Bucks program, visit our Husky Bucks Locations page.

How can I add Husky Bucks?

There are numerous ways you can add Husky Bucks to your account or to someone else’s. Please visit our Deposits page for further detail.

Can I take cash out of my Husky Bucks account?

Cash cannot be taken out of this account. Account balance refunds are automatically issued within 90-days of the end of each semester after the account holder has graduated or has separated from the University.

How do I check my Husky Bucks balance and see my recent transactions?

Log in to your account by clicking the Cardholder Login button at, then enter your NetID and password. Not only can you see your Husky Bucks balance and recent transactions, but you can also see your meal plan points and flex pass balances and recent meal plan transactions.

I was overcharged for my purchase with Husky Bucks by a merchant, how do I obtain a Husky Bucks refund?

If you have been incorrectly charged for your purchase by a merchant, you must work with the merchant first to dispute the charge. Many merchants are able complete a refund at their establishments. If you are unable to resolve the dispute with the merchant, please send a detailed email to including your name, NetID, and the transaction details so that we may further assist you.

When making a purchase at an UConn Dining Services-operated food location I was charged Husky Bucks when I should have been charged Meal Plan Points. How do I obtain a refund for the Husky Bucks incorrectly charged?

If you have been incorrectly charged Husky Bucks instead of your Meal Plan Points when purchasing items at an UConn Dining Services-operated food location, please contact Dining Services at 860-486-3128 so they can review the transaction and take the appropriate action.

As a parent, can I obtain information about my student’s Husky Bucks account?

Yes, depending on the authorization your student has given. There are two ways of obtaining information about your student’s Husky Bucks account: (1) call/email the One Card Office with your FERPA access code or (2) utilize the Guest Account option.

  • Call/email the One Card Office: Our office follows the FERPA policies established by the University regarding student privacy rights. If your student has completed the on-line FERPA waiver found at, and has listed you as someone we can discuss the Husky Bucks account with, we will ask you for your access code. For an explanation of the FERPA waiver, click here.
  • Guest Account: A student can give family and friends various access levels to their Husky One Card (UConn ID)/Husky Bucks account. Each individual that is setup will receive their own password and access and be notified by email that access has been granted. For further information on guest accounts, please visit our Guest Account page.

How do I receive a refund for the remaining balance in my Husky Bucks account?

Within ninety (90) days of graduation or separation from the University, any remaining balance over a $1.00 in a student’s Husky Bucks account will automatically be credited to the student’s fee bill account and applied against any outstanding debt. If, after all debt is satisfied, a credit balance remains, then a refund will be issued either in check form or via direct deposit (if set up with the University).