General FAQ

How do I obtain a Husky One Card (UConn ID)?

You must wait to receive your UConn NetID before you can obtain your UConn ID. Once you know your NetID, upload your photo documentation at Once your photo is approved, your UConn ID will be automatically mailed to the pickup location selected during your photo submission.

When do I obtain a Husky One Card (UConn ID) if I am an UConn employee?

Once you have received your NetID, you will be able to upload your photo documentation at Once your photo(s) are approved, your UConn ID will be automatically mailed to the pickup location selected during your photo submission. You will receive your UConn ID at your designated regional campus, unless you opt to pick it up in-person at the Storrs campus.

How do I obtain a Husky One Card (UConn ID) if I am an affiliate or vendor?

If you are an affiliate or vendor working at UConn and are in need of an UConn ID, you will need to be sponsored by an UConn department, which will initiate the NetID process. Please visit Sponsoring Accounts for more information. Once you have obtained and activated your NetID you will be eligible to obtain an UConn ID.

I am trying to upload my photo(s) for my Husky One Card (UConn ID) and I keep getting the message – You are currently ineligible to use this feature.  What does this mean?

This means your account is not currently enabled for online photo submission. Please send a detailed message to including your name and NetID so we may look at your account and enable the online photo submission feature for you, if appropriate. If you were an Undergraduate and now a Graduate, you will most likely see this error. Please send us an email so we can enable your account.

What does it mean when I have uploaded my photo(s) through the online photo submission process, but the status states “Pending”?

This means that the photo is waiting in queue to be reviewed. Once reviewed by an administrator, you will receive either an approved or a rejected email to the email address entered at the time you uploaded your photo(s).

Where is the One Card Office located?

Student Union, Room 228 - Storrs Campus. We are right off of Fairfield Way, through the double doors on the left (across from the Information Desk).

What do I do if my Husky One Card (UConn ID) will not open the door to my residence hall?

If your UConn ID does not work to open the exterior door of your residence hall you should do one of the following three options:

  1. Email
    In your request indicate:
    • PeopleSoft number
    • Residence hall and door
    • The color of the card access system light on the door you are having trouble with (red, orange, green)
  1. During business hours (Mon.-Fri. 8am–5pm) (Summer Hours Mon.-Fri. 8am-4pm) call Residential Life at 860-486-2926
  2. During weekend or evening hours call Facilities Front Desk at 860-486-3113

How do I gain access to a building on campus or to a lab with my Husky One Card (UConn ID)?

All UConn patrons are issued a smartcard that will allow them, once programmed by a door administrator, to obtain the necessary access to buildings or labs. Unfortunately, the One Card Office does NOT control door access, you will need to work with the appropriate door administrator for that area.

Why can’t I access my (academic/work) building and/or lab?  I had access to the building and/or lab previously.

If you have had access to a building and/or lab previously, first confirm your door access privileges with the door administrator for that area. If you are properly programmed in the door system and are still having access issues, please make an appointment with the One Card Office so that we may ensure that your UConn ID is functioning properly.

Do Husky One Cards (UConn IDs) expire?

Your UConn ID is valid as long as you are affiliated with the University and does not need to be renewed each year. If there is a change in status (ex: from undergraduate to graduate, name change, etc.) then a new card can be issued.

I was an UConn undergraduate and now I am an UConn graduate student. Do I need a new Husky One Card (UConn ID)?

You are entitled to a new card (your old card will continue to function in the interim). If you still have your undergraduate UConn ID, please bring it with you so we can replace it with a graduate UConn ID for free. If you do not have your undergraduate UConn ID, your first graduate UConn ID is still free.

Please make sure to look yourself up in the UConn Phonebook to ensure your status has been updated before you visit the One Card Office. We cannot issue an updated card until changes are reflected in the backend systems.

I have lost my Husky One Card (UConn ID).  How do I obtain a replacement ID?

If you have lost your UConn ID, deactivate it immediately at Then you will want to purchase a replacement ID for $30. You can make a deposit into your Husky Bucks account using a credit/debit card at the One Card Office website. To view more about card replacements, please view our Card Replacements page.

What happens if my Husky One Card (UConn ID) stops working?

It is important to take good care of your UConn ID. The One Card Office has ID holders and lanyards available. Keeping the UConn ID in a wallet or a card holder will lessen the risk of damage. The One Card Office will replace, at no charge, any non-functioning UConn ID that exhibits normal wear. Normal wear is defined as any damage that is caused by swiping the (UConn) ID card through authorized equipment. Please note: If you use a wireless charger, you must remove your UConn ID from your phone holder before charging. Damage incurred by not following this procedure will result in a $30 replacement fee. The One Card Office will charge a replacement fee of $30 for non-functioning UConn IDs that are determined to be caused by improper care and handling. Examples include bent cards, gouged cards, and cards with vertical scratches or gouges on the magnetic stripe. Any UConn ID with a hole-punch that interferes with the function of the UConn ID will also be charged a $30 replacement fee. For more Card Care/Policies, please visit Card Care Policies.

Can my friends use my Husky One Card (UConn ID)?

No. Your UConn ID is yours to use only. If a person is caught using someone else’s UConn ID, the UConn ID may be confiscated.

Can someone pick up my Husky One Card (UConn ID) for me?

No. The cardholder must be the person who picks up the UConn ID.

What can I use my Husky One Card (UConn ID) for?

The UConn ID has many different functions. It is used as an identification for various functions and events, for meal plans, to take books out of the library, access to the gym, door access to your dorm, and to make purchases with Husky Bucks.


You can pay for printing and copying at the Homer Babbidge Library and at all regional campus libraries with your UConn ID using Husky Bucks. Departments looking to get a departmental card should contact the Homer Babbidge ITS desk at 860-486-5949.

If you no longer see your Husky Bucks balance in the WEPA printing web page after receiving a new UConn ID, you must register it. Present your new card to the printer and you will be prompted to enter your NetID and password. This will register the new card. For more information, visit On Campus Printing.

How do I obtain an updated Husky One Card (UConn ID) to reflect my legal name change?

If your legal name has changed, you can obtain an updated UConn ID, free of charge. Please be sure to bring your most current UConn ID with you when obtaining your updated UConn ID.

Important: Prior to visiting our office, students must update their legal name in the Student Administration System by visiting the Registrar’s Office. Employees should contact Human Resources and/or their supervisors to have their name updated through CORE_CT and their employment records.

Please allow 24-hours for these changes to update before requesting an updated UConn ID.

How do I update my chosen name on my Husky One Card (UConn ID)?

In order to update your chosen name, you must go to Please Note:  After logging in with your NetID and password, you must click the green switch to turn off “Synced with Legal Name” to be able to update your chosen name accordingly. Information takes 24 hours to update before you can obtain an updated UConn ID.

If you currently have an UConn ID, you can exchange it one time, free of charge, for an updated chosen name on the card. Thereafter, there is a $30 replacement fee for an updated UConn ID. For more information, please visit our Chosen Name page.