General FAQ

What do I need to have with me to get a Husky One Card (UConn ID)?

You must wait to receive your UConn Net ID before you can obtain your One Card. Once you know your Net ID, bring a photo ID such as a driver’s license, passport, or some other official picture ID. The ID must be in English. Employees and visiting scholars will also need to bring a copy of their respective department employment offer letter or department invitation letter.

Where is the One Card Office located?

Second floor of the Wilbur Cross building, Storrs.

What do I do if my ID card will not open the door to my residence hall?

If your ID does not work to open the exterior door of your residence hall you should do one of the following three options:

  1. Email
  2. During business hours (Mon.-Fri. 8am – 5pm) (Summer Hours Mon.-Fri. 8am -4pm) call Residential Life at 860-486-2926
  3. During weekend or evening hours call Facilities Front Desk at 860-486-3113

In your request indicate:

  • PeopleSoft number
  • Residence hall and door
  • The color of the card access system light on the door you are having trouble with (red, orange, green)

Do ID cards expire?

Your card is valid as long as you are affiliated with the University and does not need to be renewed each year. If there is a change in status (ex. from undergraduate to graduate, name change, etc.) then a new card must be issued.

What happens if my ID stops working?

It is important to take good care of your ID card. The One Card Office has ID holders, lanyards, and smart wallets available. Keeping the ID card in a holder will lessen the risk of damage. The One Card Office will replace, at no charge, any non-functioning ID card that exhibits normal wear. Normal wear is defined as any damage that is caused by swiping the ID card through authorized equipment. The One Card Office will charge a replacement fee of $30 for non-functioning ID cards that are determined to be caused by improper care and handling. Examples include bent cards, gouged cards, cards with vertical scratches or gouges on the magnetic stripe. Any ID card with a hole punch that interferes with the function of the ID card will also be charged a $30 replacement fee.

Can my friends use my ID?

No. Your ID is yours to use only. If a person is caught using someone else’s ID, the ID may be confiscated. This is to safeguard any value that may be on the card.

Can someone pick up my ID Card for me?

No. The cardholder must be the person who picks up the ID.

Can you mail me my ID card?

No. However, if there is an extenuating circumstance, please call the One Card Office at 860-486-3129.

What can I use my ID for?

The Husky One Card has many different functions. It is used as an identification for various functions and events, for meal plans, to take books out of the library, access to the gym, door access to your dorm, and to make purchases with Husky Bucks.

Library Information

You can pay for copying and printing at the Homer Babbidge Library and at all regional campus libraries with your Husky One Card using Husky Bucks. Departments looking to get a departmental card should contact the Homer Babbidge ITS desk at 860-486-5949.

I was a UConn undergraduate and now I am a graduate student. Do I need a new card?

Yes. If you still have your undergraduate card, please bring it with you so we can replace it with a graduate card for free. If you do not have your undergraduate card, your first graduate card is still free.