Card Care/ Policies

All Husky One Cards are University property and are subject to card terms and conditions. To protect your card, treat it with the care as you would a driver’s license or credit card. Cardholders and lanyards are available in the One Card Office. We also have smart wallets available.

Do Not:

  • Mark or bend your card
  • Punch holes in your card
  • Scratch the magnetic strip on your card
  • Use your card as an ice scraper
  • Add stickers to your card

If your card is lost or stolen, report it immediately. If you find someone else’s ID, please return it to the One Card Office or the Information Booth in the Student Union.

The card should be in the cardholder’s possession at all times and presented upon request to any University official. Although the card is issued to individuals, the card remains the property of the University and is non-transferable.