Card Reader Requests

One Card Readers Are Available for Your Next Event

Wired and Wireless OneCard Readers that interface with the OneCard System to accept Husky Bucks payments and/or track activity at event(s) for UConn Departments and Tier III student organizations are available.
Here are a few examples of how they have been used:

  • Pure attendance tracking – who came to my event?
  • Attendance tracking with permit/deny rules – only permit certain populations into the event, such as Seniors or Graduates.
  • Attendance tracking with one-time use restriction – will only allow the cardholder to access the event/service one time before displaying an error message (such as for senior t-shirt pickups or lottery entries).
  • Husky Bucks as a a form of payment – accept Husky Bucks as a form of payment at your event.


  • Cost: $25 per reader, per day plus $5 for each continuous day thereafter

    • *Contact the One Card Office for rates for rentals longer than one month or for rentals that are not continuous
  • Requires a UConn User NetID for access/authentication
  • Data from event is distributed to requester via e-mail and will include participant’s First Name, Last Name, University ID, and Email Address
  • If you require a hotspot, please indicate so on the form. Please note: there is an additional $10 fee for the hotspot


  • Cost: $220 for annual license fee plus one-time $65 fee for card swipe attachment

Not included is the mobile device itself (i.e., iPad)

  • Data from event is available online and will include participant’s First Name, Last Name, University ID, and Email Address


To request a Card Reader for your next event, please fill out the request form and we will contact you with availability and details. *Please note: rental requests must be submitted at least 3 business days in advance of the event to ensure we can fulfill your request.