Card Reader Requests

One Card Readers Are Available for Your Next Event

Wired and Wireless One Card Readers that interface with the One Card System to accept Husky Bucks payments and/or track activity at event(s) for UConn Departments and Tier III student organizations are available.
Here are a few examples of how they have been used:

  • Pure attendance tracking – who came to my event?
  • Attendance tracking with permit/deny rules – only permit certain populations into the event, such as Seniors or Graduates.
  • Attendance tracking with one-time use restriction – will only allow the cardholder to access the event/service one time before displaying an error message (such as for Senior t-shirt pickups or lottery entries).
  • Husky Bucks as a a form of payment – accept Husky Bucks as a form of payment at your event.


  • Cost: $25 per reader, per day plus $5 for each continuous day thereafter

    • *Contact the One Card Office for rates for rentals longer than one month or for rentals that are not continuous
  • Requires a UConn User NetID for access/authentication
  • Data from event is distributed to requester via e-mail and will include participant’s First Name, Last Name, University ID, and Email Address
  • If you require a hotspot, please indicate so on the form. Please note: there is an additional $10 fee for the hotspot


  • Cost: $238 for annual license fee plus one-time $65 fee for card swipe attachment
    Not included is the mobile device itself (i.e., iPad)
  • Data from event is available online and will include participant’s First Name, Last Name, University ID, and Email Address


    To request a Card Reader for your next event, please fill out the request form and we will contact you with availability and details. *Please note: rental requests must be submitted at least 3 business days in advance of the event to ensure we can fulfill your request.