Become a Merchant


Why should your business should consider accepting Husky Bucks as a form of payment? The benefits and opportunities for merchants that accept Husky Bucks are:

  • Husky Bucks is a stored-value account associated with the UConn ID.
  • The Husky Bucks account is available to all students, faculty and staff cardholders.
  • There are no purchases allowed on credit, funds must be on deposit.
  • On average, $1.2 million dollars are deposited into Husky Bucks per semester and are available to be used for purchases.
  • Since its expansion to off campus merchants in 2007 the Husky Bucks Merchant Network has grown to over 100 participants (about 60 on campus merchants and more than 40 off campus merchants).
  • These merchants serve the 30,000 students and 4,500 employees eligible to participate in UConn’s Husky Bucks Program.
  • Have you heard about GenCT?
  • Students, Faculty and Staff always carry their ID card for:
    • Official University ID Card
    • Printing/Copying
    • Door Access
    • Library Card
    • UConn Bookstore
    • Dining Meal Plan
    • Recreation Services
    • Athletic Events
    • Husky Bucks
  • Marketing opportunities – Husky Bucks provides a new outlet for your company’s marketing efforts. Some examples include: UConn websites, email, social media, UConn movie theater, and myUConn app among many others!
  • Competitive edge – Husky Bucks may be spent only at participating locations.
  • Security – The Husky One Card is used to process sales, which adds a measure of security over non-photo credit/debit card sales.
  • Less cash handling – Merchants will recognize a decrease in the amount of cash they handle.
  • Automated sales reporting – Husky Bucks offers merchants an electronic daily and weekly sales report, e-mailed the morning after every business day.

Show Me The Numbers

The Husky Bucks program is a mainstream way for UConn students to purchase goods and services. Similar to a debit card, cardholders deposit money in their Husky Bucks accounts and use that stored value to purchase goods and services from participating merchants with their Husky One Card.

FY19 Husky Bucks Sales Chart

Cardholder Marketing

Husky Bucks is marketed to faculty, staff, and students in the following ways:

  1. One-on-one interactions with first-year students and parents during New Student Orientation sessions held throughout the summer months
  2. New Employee Orientation
  3. Advertising in the UConn Daily Digest email newsletter
  4. Parent newsletter
  5. One Card website
  6. Various printed brochures, posters, and other materials
  7. Promotional events and programs